Steven F. Arnold


Steven F. Arnold (1943-1994), trendsetting American artist and protégé of Salvador Dali, was a visionary filmmaker, photographer, painter, illustrator, set and costume designer, and assemblage artist.

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“My angels
Please don’t take me for granted – I’m a rare
Freak of nature and now is the time to appreciate
What I am saying to the Earth!
Love, Steven Arnold”


“This is the return of the female powers to balance the Earth
The female energies come forth and heal the planet –
as holicaust and greed stir hatred,
The Mother of Earth saves us and unites us – We her children.”

“Our childish behavior melts away in the realization
Of the balance of Earth’s true energies –
We drop to our knees in humility
Witnessing the grace and beauty of our own human cycles.”

 “The Earth lifts its feminine veil for a new balance of nature –
Look at your mothers and sisters before you act –
Listen to their compassion and grace
This is the wisdom of balance in the Earth and where we now need to turn.”

“I interview myself all day long – Doesn’t every one?
Rant and rave about bliss, the creative process angels listening to higher message-
appreciation of ones gifts.
The best way is to elevate consciousness is to do the work with love
Love is sharing the message.”

“Art is revolution or it’s nothing .”



Among Steven Arnold's first jobs as an artist was to create posters for the influential Matrix nightclub in San Francisco's Fillmore district.  As early as 1966, Arnold's posters were seen on the streets of San Francisco, advertising musicians like The Charlatans,...

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